Los Angeles, CA


Mission Statement


CRE8® is a center for "Cultural Relations Exchange" through infinite (8) outlets, planning on setting its headquarters in

Los Angeles, CA. 

We are multiple businesses under one umbrella, a brand bringing Art front center.

After a long period of isolation and limited freedom in 2020, society is starving for cultural substance and our mission is to make Art tangible and accessible. We seek to flood Art back into our communities and enrich hungry hearts by building bridges of cultural exchange. 


At CRE8® we care about your happiness and are dedicated to insure your event, project and ideas come to life.

Our mission is to provide a space open to all art forms and reignite our deprived spirits through various avenues.

Art has the power to inspire, comfort, uplift and unite. Our "Cultural Relations Exchange" center is here to brighten souls and cradle hearts.

Core Values

  • Hospitality: everyone is welcome and invited to use the resources available through the Center

  • Drawing sustenance from the local: the creative work of the Center is informed by where we live and work

  • Expansive understanding of the arts: to include the visual and performing and literary arts and also the folk arts, the culinary arts, and the arts of citizenship

  • Community: we value art and artists for the sake of strengthening and enriching the fabric of community life

  • Inclusivity: we create an environment in which everyone (all races, genders, cultures, socioeconomic statuses) feels valued and respected.


The Cultural Center connects people to artists and rich cultural experiences in Los Angeles, bridging the USA closer to Europe and celebrating the local as well as being a window to the world. We offer visitors intimate opportunities to encounter art and artists in our listening room, art galleries in a potential historic building and our gift shop featuring local artists, an artist residency program, a sculpture park, indoor drive through movie theatre, as well as our folk school where everyone can learn to practice a variety of fine and folk arts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Our Cultural Center is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and compassion. We unequivocally condemn intolerance, racism, and all forms of hatred. We seek to listen and learn, and to amplify the voices of the under- and mis-represented. We approach this work with optimism, courage, and humility, knowing that we will make mistakes, learn, and adapt along the way.





  • To preserve and possibly restore a historic building

  • Bridge cultures and communities

  • Enrich the city

  • Provide grants for artists

  • Provide a safe space and outreach programs

  • Provide continual use of the building through events such as theater, music, weddings, concerts, Education, art classes, independent movie premiers and large conferences, etc. 

  • To generate more than $20 million in economic impact in the community over ten years, exponentially growing each year thereafter. 

  • Provide jobs and create an equivalent of at least 20 full-time jobs in related sectors across the community and more. 



To Date

  • Established core team

  • Solidified Business Plan

  • Projection 

  • ROI

  • Solidified Mission Statement

January-March 2021

  • Kicking off major fundraising effort in the community 

  • Submitting applications for different government grants

  • Private Contributions Fundraising

  • Finding the right location (preferably a historic building)

April 2021

  • Site work and construction, updating of location begins 

May 2021 

  • Completion of construction

  • Hire Staff 

  • Begin marketing campaign for meetings, conventions, weddings, reunions, corporate training, etc. 

  • Center open for bookings 


The impact of the completion of the community cultural center would be one of the most influential development projects impacting the area. The restoration phase will create an immediate economic impact for local building supply centers, hardware stores, construction companies, electrical and mechanical companies, as well as restaurants, hotels and retail. The event programming phase will create overnight stays and jobs and will greatly enhance the cultural and entertainment offerings for the area. The impact on community aesthetics would be very noticeable in turning ruins into an architectural showpiece. 


On an economic level, we anticipate that the long-term revenue brought into the community from beyond a 50-mile radius and worldwide will provide a great return on investment. Projections indicate that when fully operational, the community cultural center will draw over 10,000 people per year, including tourists from the interstate, people attending community and family functions, people attending corporate tolerance training courses and other conferences. 


Events held such as weddings and meetings average $3,300 in income and approximately $150 in outsourced set up and janitorial services. They do some of their own catering and outsource some as well. 


The total annual economic impact once the community cultural center is fully operational would be over $2 million, using passed Surveys of $212.19 average daily spending per tourist for 10,000 tourists throughout the year. A tourist is considered someone from at least 50 miles outside the area. The figures include activities such as: 

-Events, classes and rentals 

-Local Catering from restaurants to service functions in the facility 

-Retail sales, including local and international artists physical and online gift shop/art store

-Event planners 

-Tour Guides


In addition, this economic activity will encourage new restaurants, catering services and retail shops in the area, further generating economic impact, which would continue to increase as awareness grows and tourism increases. 


Based on the projections above, the direct economic impact over a ten-year operating period will exceed $20 million. 




Leveraging The Center For Community Development 


The Community Cultural Center directors will make the community aware of job opportunities and spin-off business opportunities available through project activities. The center will also help “incubate” new businesses through technical training and support. The plan includes the following phases. 


Phase 1 - Community meeting and public relations effort explaining the community cultural center, positions to be created, qualifications required for the positions and compensation for the positions. In addition, a list of services and supplies required by the projects will be communicated to the community and businesses in order to generate entrepreneurial interest. Public meetings will provide more details of supplier opportunities including: 

-catering services for meetings, weddings and special events 

-janitorial services 

-repair and upkeep construction services 

-office and meeting supply vendors 

-transportation services 



Phase 2 - Equal and open negotiations will occur with vendors for support services required. In the case of outsourcing, for which a self-sufficient person or company does not apply, we will seek to “incubate” companies to train them and help them become self-sufficient by providing services not only to the center, but also to other businesses. 


Phase 3 - Continued visioning and community interaction about anticipated outsourcing needs will occur to spur additional entrepreneurial activity. 

Operational Plan 


Overview The Community Cultural Center is designed to create attractions that promote culture, education, entertainment and economic development. An additional focus will be to enhance the quality of life for residents and people in the surrounding area. The operational plan includes a three-phase span in which to complete rehabilitation of the facilities, implement initial programming and move into long-term sustaining programming. 


Phase 1 This phase includes the beginning of restoration/enhancement and construction. 


Phase 2 During this phase, detailed plans will be developed for programming, job descriptions, outsourcing needs and requirements and marketing. 


Phase 3 By the end of Spring 2021, construction on the community cultural center will be wrapping up, and the final stage will begin with programming preparation and marketing. 




Personnel - Position Job Descriptions 


Once the community cultural center is ready for operation, several full and part-time staff positions will be necessary. Once the center is fully-functioning, it is projected to create 20 full-time-equivalent jobs in related sectors across the community. Following is a brief description of the positions specific to operating the center itself. 


Executive Director – Oversees and implements day-to-day operation and management of the community cultural center, including staff, budget, marketing, programming and operations. Writes grants and works with the governing committees. Plans, promotes and oversees meetings, concerts, etc. Coordinates use of the facilities. 


Operations Manager – Oversees general maintenance of the community center. Manages janitorial duties, oversees meeting setup, tear down, etc. 


Maintenance Assistants – Will include several part-time and potential full-time positions to assist the operations manager in performance of that position’s duties, including janitorial, maintenance, meeting set up / tear down, cleanup, etc. 


Assistant to Executive Director - Assists the Executive Director in performance of the duties assigned that position. Most likely a year-two position, depending on need for the position and sufficient revenue to cover the costs. 


Guest Leaders – Will include instructors conducting courses and recognized experts on subjects, guest lecturers, speakers, etc. They will be paid on a self-supporting project basis. 


Part-time Assistants and Volunteers – Will assist in all aspects of operations. A great opportunity for retired citizens to become ambassadors for the town. 

Market Analysis 

Target Market 

The target market will include -travelers around California, restaurants and hotels; -residents who will utilize the new entertainment, cultural and educational opportunities; -neighbors (regional people from ten to 50 miles surrounding) who will utilize the meeting space and the entertainment, cultural and educational opportunities; -Students who will perform at the center; -Iowans and others, including group/bus tours, outside a 50-mile radius who will view the culture center as a day trip destination due to special events or the cultural offerings. 


Projected Customer Base 

-The total projected customer base includes an annual estimated total of the target markets of 10,000 people annually, including over 1,000 international guests. 


Marketing Plan 


The marketing plan will position our culture center as an interesting and fun destination and create a continued awareness of the meeting space and programming on a local, statewide, regional level as well as internationally. The marketing plan will seek to achieve as much unpaid publicity as possible, while tying into important programs.

Marketing Goals 

-To create a continual awareness on a local, statewide, regional level and internationally of the community cultural center. 

-To achieve as much unpaid (earned) media coverage as possible. 

-To position the community cultural center as a beautiful non-denominational wedding facility, performance center and corporate tolerance training center because of the historic building. Corporate training will include corporate sensitivity training. 

-To make statewide and out-of-state travelers aware of the restored, architecturally significant building. 

-To market the community cultural center as a wedding destination. 


Marketing Phase 1 

The marketing emphasis in the first phase will focus on efforts of rehabilitating Historic building. Marketing efforts will include providing information to the local media. 


Marketing Phase 2 

The focus in the second phase will be the development of a detailed marketing, advertising and sales plan to be implemented in Phase 3. 


Marketing Phase 3 

Phase 3 will include advertising, signage, corporate sales to training executives, attendance at trade shows and other forms of marketing for the Community Cultural Center as a theater, concert hall, wedding facility and community center. 


Methods for Measuring Results 

At the end of each quarter, the Community Cultural Center staff will provide a report and evaluation of the status of the business plan to the advisory board to determine if goals are being met and what adjustments are needed. The advisory board will also oversee immediate and long-term needs to stay on track towards goals and budget. 


Economic impact will be measured quarterly and annually through achievement of budget projections, usage of the facility, visitor tracking data and tax revenue analysis. 

Project Directors 

Project Restore Foundation Advisory Board: Milena Mortati, Simone Gautschi, Neyssan Falahi


Sources of Capitalization–Construction Phase 

City of Los Angeles $1,700,000 

Fundraising (cash and in-kind) $ 300,000

Grants $ 500,000 


TOTAL $2,500,000 


Operating Budget - Community Cultural Center 



25 Weddings $62,500 

School Performances/Events $20,000 

Concerts $4,000 

Events $11,000 

Corporate Training/Retreats $10,000 

Grants $15,000 

Contributions $15,000 

Sponsorships $18,000 

TOTAL $155,500 



Employees/Benefits/Payroll Taxes (2 full-time) $87,500 

Heating/Cooling $28,000 

Maintenance $5,000 

Insurance $20,000 

Outsourced Training/Related Expenses $4,000 

Office Supplies/Travel/Operational Expenses $5,000 

Outsourcing Support (set-up, cleaning) $6,000 

TOTAL $155,500 




Executive Summary 


The city of Los Angeles has not seen a community project of this stature. The Community Cultural Center will leave a lasting impact on this generation and the next. It will create jobs, money, purpose, and optimism. 

Noted community economic development experts, business leaders and concerned citizens will be involved as we create a sustainable attraction for culture, education, entertainment and economic development. 

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